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season. sunday >> this is a fox report. i'm harris falkner, breaking news. under threat of more anti-american violence, late word the state department announcing it will temporarily close our u.s. embassy in pakistan. and a new warning from the leader of our strongest ally in the middle east, countdown to the worse case scenario begins now. approaching the point of no return, that wording from israel's prime minister. he says iran is about to have the the most destructive weapon on earth. >> very close to six month
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away being 90% of having atom bomb. i think you have to place that red line before them now, before it's too late. >> the the fox reports. benjamin netanyahu about iran going nuclear. >> and also-- decision day in a union battle playing out in our nation's third largest school district. it could happen in any community, hundreds of thousands of students with their education on hold. in minutes, the latest on chicago's teacher's strike. and-- >> and left me with a push. >> coming home, from out of this world. what's happening 210 miles overhead right now. the moment of truth is fast approaching in the middle east. ed israeli prime minister warning that the iran would be at nuclear capability in six months, giving it the ability to wipe israel off the map
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which is exactly what iran says it will do. this is a far shorter time frame than most professor previous estimates and that means the window of opportunity to launch military strikes against iran's nuclear facilities is close quickly close to closing. and benjamin netanyahu using a sports metaphor. >> you can't let them cross our goalline or score a touchdown because that would be unbelievable con tenses, grievous consequences for the security of us all, of the world, really. >> the u.s. rejecting what israel says an a redline, if that could trigger actions. on fucox news sunday, saying there's time. >> p unprecedented as well, iran's economy is now shrinking by 1% a year and its oil production is down 40%, its currency in 40% in the
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last several months and sanctions into fullest effect. we think there's still time oon space for that pressure to yield results. >> harris: rick leventhal is live in jerusalem for us tonight, and rick the prime minister saying he will not wait for the united states to use force against iran and may not wait for the presidential election either. >> right, harris, the prime minister says he's not guided by the american political calendar, but by the the iranian nuclear calendar and he says israel has the right to defend itself against any threat and he says tehran is racing to build an atom bomb and that the u.s. needs to act with more urgency because time is running out and compares iran to the militants attacking u.s. embassies across the middle east, north africa and that iran puts it ahead of survival and suicide bombers, quote, all offer the place and says it will be a grave mistake not to stop that before it's too late. >> and you have the nuclear weapons, and you have countries that have access to
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nuclear weapons, and always made a careful calculation and cost and benefit, but iran is guided by a leadership that-- with an unbelievable fanaticism. the same fanaticism you see storm the embassy today. >> netanyahu insisting on a deadline for iran or some kind of limit on the amount of yourm uranium it can enrich. >> the top commander of the revolutionary edward held a news conference today and says with his country's missiles will ensure that nothing can remain in israel if israel should attack iran. he's provided unusual detail today saying that militants in gaza, and also, in lebanon will unleash rocket strikes across the borders, and he also says that iran will empty its missile arsenal, and he says so many missiles will rain down that no spot in israel will be safe.
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he also said that iran would launch major attacks on u.s. military bases across the region and block the straight of hormuz, threatening some major retaliation, if iran could strike and a major retaliation against the u.s., even if the u.s. is not involved, harris. >> harris: so, in other words, more threats continue from iran through our strong ally, israel tonight. rick leventhal, thank you very much. >> and turning now to the war in afghanistan, in another act of betrayal against our men and women might go there, a man in an after dwan uniform opened fire, killing them at a check point. it's the latest in the growing tend of so cold green on blue attacks where an afghan sister or someone dressed as one turns his gun on an ally. we told you about yesterday's insider attack that took the lies of two military soldiers. our chairman of the joint chiefs, martin dempsey not
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mincing word, calling the green and blue killing, saying the afghan government must take this much more seriously. connor. >> harris, so far the u.s. military has yet to find a solution tore this growing problem of insider attacks. yesterday, two british soldiers were shot and held in helmand province and today four u.s. soldiers were killed in southeastern afghanistan. according to u.s. commanders those u.s. soldiers were on the way to help a check point that was under attack. they were the shot at and four killed. the u.s. military finding out what, but manyeft the scene, fled, believe they're in identifying, possibly with the taliban, but this growing insider threat, where afghans are turning their weapons on their u.s. and international mentors is a real problem because it's undermining the trust between the international community and afghans and with the strategy of training up the afghans and
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handing over security responsibilities to them, it really is undermined when u.s. soldiers and international troops are having to look over their shoulders during the training and mentoring process. and going forward, the u.s. military says they're trying to find a way to stop and to limit the insider attacks and so far, it's come up with nothing and it's undermining the overall strategy here in afghanistan, going forward. and it really is calling into question na strategy over the next few months. harris. >> harris: connor, thank you. right now, the state department preparing to suspend operations at the u.s. embassy in islam bad. and that's the exact wording on the website, the state department saying that u.s. citizens should be aware that the capital city will cease
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beginning tomorrow. they've seen activity in pakistan of course after the murder of our ambassador and three other americans at the u.s. consulate in libya. and after seeing that, we know what this potentially can turn into. and let's in fact move on to the situation in libya. that country's president saying that police have rounded up some 50 suspects and also says some of those held are foreigners who infiltrated his country and have connections to al-qaeda. and adding the attack was not spontaneous, but planned. and the dates which fell on september 11th last tuesday, was no coincidence. >> and they're choosing the specific date of this so-called demonstration, and leaves us with foe doubt that this has-- predetermined. >> harris: and this is no time to let our guard down. defense secretary leon panetta says the turmoil raging across
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the world is going down a bit, but not going away and in asia telling, i think we have to be to continue to be vigilent. i think it will end the next two days. and investigating the death of chris stevens and the other three americans you see here. leland vittert is live in chi owe and the attack is the results of a spontaneous request, but what we saw from-- the response says they don't agree. >> exactly, harris, the libyan president laid out a clear sort of case for the fact that al-qaeda was involved, and also, to the fact that this was a pre-planned attack, number one, the arrest of those foreign fighters that are pointing to and also the fact that it did come on september 11th, that he says is not a coincidence, and secondly the issue of how well-coordinated the attack
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was, how it actually materialized on the ground and direct fire, indirect fire, and supporting fire. lastly, he points to the the fact that not only did they attack the benghazi consulate facility there, which is a villa, surrounded by a hedge had and iron gate, but secondarily they then went after the u.s. safe house inside benghazi where the team had evacuated to and he says that level of coordination of the attacks pointed to fact this is not a spontaneous planned attacked, but by somebody like al-qaeda. >> harris: leyland, tell me this, we can see some activity behind you, what's happening in cairo right now? >> right now, you could say it's really a tense calm here in cairo and you can feel the tension, you can also smell the tension in the tear gas and on the street and so much that they have he' burned down
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not quite with the gun powder here. we took a look around and at one point you might call a compound and now looks more like an armed circuit. >> and this graffiti doesn't need any translation, u.s.a go to hell and it's spray painted on what they can find, including the trees. businesses reopened after the four days of riots which you can see and feel the lingering affects and the tear gas is in the haair and it's miserable and the riot broke up the concrete to throw the rocks at the police and this is the u.s. embassy, and seat barbed wire and the riot police there, probably a couple hundred riot police down the street to prevent anyone from heading down and they don't want us filming much here, we've got to be quick and give you a
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sense what's going on here and this is a protest by the hard liner who called for the protests originally and this is the posters asking for the release of blind cleric, behind the 1990 bomb being of the world trade center and they want him out of jail. >> now, the embassy here in cairo will be open tomorrow. there are no protests planned here in cairo, but clearly the egyptian authorities are very concerned that something could start that fuse once again and harris, as you noted in isl islambad pakistan, they believe the protests have the ability to get violent so quickly that they are taking that precautionary step of temporarily suspending operations at the embassy so there's nothing for the protesters to overrun or personnel inside, put in danger. just goes to show you how quickly things here in the middle east can change and nearly the embassy and the state department is realizing, learning from tunisia and here
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in egypt, how dangerous the situation can be. harris. >> harris: just so american citizens also now if they're in the area or family there, the embassy will continue services, but not exactly at that location, we need to check the website. leland vittert from the region, thank you very much. new developments to tell you about happening in chicago and the teacher's strike and what's the latest development in this union showdown will mean for those hundreds of thousands of students, who haven't been in class, and governor mitt romney. taking a detour on the campaign trail today. and what kept him from speaking to his supporters in the key battle ground states and we'll let now, stay close. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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teacher's union deciding not to vote on a contract agreement after hearing details in the deal. now, this means that strike will continue and hundreds of thousands of kids will remain out of school. our steve brown is live in chicago. steve, a news conference there wrapping up. what just happened? >> well, the president carol lewis came out and said her union, the house of delegates, membership of the union, the elected representatives of union did not like the deal on the table. they weren't ready to vote on it yet, but they do want to study this proposal and send it back, walk it back to their constituents, and the other teachers in the union, that were in attendance here today and talk about this. there are two major sticking points still with this particular agreement in the eyes of many folks in the teachers union. one is the evaluation process and two, how the evacuation is applied and whether or not it may impede others who are in schools that may get shut down, to come back into the school district for another
4:18 pm
happening and hung up on the same two issues and the evaluation and whether or not laid off teachers will get a shot, a fair shot in their view of jobs that may open up at other schools in the system. >> while the union balks at this. the unions have to go and they're holding a camp and didn't have a place to go last week. where is mayor rahm emanuel in this? >> ever since the deal in principal was announced on friday. he had a bad friday morning and canceled that and we were alerted friday morning on a noon event on the west side of chicago and turns out there were three other events that day that didn't make up the schedule and no public events and keeping an extraordinarily low profile and it may just be he's been so vilified in the process, if you like the deal on the table, we won't-- we believe that he's accepted it in some fashion that his best plight is not to advocate on his behalf because teachers
4:19 pm
right now are open about saying they don't trust him or the administration at this particular point in time. violence might be the his best play there. >> harris: steve harrigan, thank you very much. in politics, keeping up with the candidates on the move and watching for governor mitt romney who's made now a quick change in his campaign schedule after a plane crashed at the airport in pueblo, colorado. the governor was scheduled to be speaking right now at a campaign event in that battle ground state. instead, that event in pueblo was canceled and a lot of the campaign saying they don't want to interfere with any investigation or emergency response effort after that plane crashed at the airport. and governor romney back on the trial tomorrow. where he will address the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce in los angeles. a laboring labor walkout that could have hockey fans feel like they're stuck in the middle. the nhl season hangs in the balance and a man things he's got a very bright idea and
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>> a major set back for professional hockey players and their fans tonight at exactly 12:01 this morning, the nhl locked out players, they are at odds over a new labor deal. the core issue, money and how much to share of some 3 billion dollars in revenue. and formal negotiations now unfold and that has many fans worried that the regular hockey season, and a hockey fan like myself. doesn't look like they are he' going to get it done soon. >> it doesn't and both sides
4:24 pm
contend it's the other that's slowing down the negotiation process, right. and it looks like training camp will not open next week and the regular season which is scheduled to begin october 11th could be in jeopardy as well. and any revenue has grown from 2.1 billion dollars to 3.3 billion dollars under the the expiring deal. the union wants a guarantee that players get at least 1.8 billion dollars in salaried paid out last season of the the owners, operate other hand, want the percentage of hockey related revenue that goes to the players, to go down. >> the fact of the matter is, we have been clear that the collective bargaining agreement upon its expiration needs to have a successful agreement for us to move forward, and the league is not in a position to move forward with another season under the status quo. >> in both sides are so excitedt even meet face-to-face yesterday before their current agreement
4:25 pm
expired. >> harris: we don't want to see them check each other, that's a good thing. >> want them to keep their teeth. >> harris: you and i have been doing a lot of hockey games. i lived in minnesota for a while, i digress. not the a rare occurrence. >> no, this one marks the fourth one since 1992 and anyway, 30 guams postponed during that '92 season and then during the '94, '95 season, 468 games canceled and the 2004-2005 season canceled entirely, marking the first professional north american league to cancel an entire season over a labor dispute. and the lockout does continue tumultuous 18 months in american professional sports, if you remember the nfl, rather, a lockout for much of the off season in 2011 and last year's nba season shortened from 82 games to just 66 and began on christmas 6789 now, this is pretty interesting. because of the players the nhl are locked out and many are
4:26 pm
expected to be courted by teams in russia, sweden, switzerland, germany and the republic. >> harris: that's interesting, playing just not for us. good to see you thank you very much. the israeli prime minister not mincing words about iran's nuclear ambitions and that country is only six month from everything it needs to create the most destructive went on the planet. what happens if he's right. [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8...
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>> i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour and time now for the top of the news. and u.s. embassies and our citizens in danger across the world, with the recent anti-american attacks and many of them violent as you know. and our government now taking steps to secure where americans are living and workening this country and all of this now sparking a debate over whether it has played a role in the violence. steve centanni from washington. >> yes, hi, harris, sharp attacks on the president's foreign policy in the wake of the attack, the u.s. ambassadors and three others killed in benghazi, libya.
4:31 pm
today, u.n. ambassador susan rice says evidence so far says it's spontaneous and not planned. and mike rogers says it's too soon to tell and that classified information could take you stop for a moment and pause and rice and rogers disagreed what online protest may have been sparked, by the deep-seated anti-american sentiment. >> we're very vigilant and this is not an expression of hostility in the broadest sense towards the united states or the u.s. policy. it's proximally a reaction to the video, a hateful video that had nothing to do with the united states. >> if we decide to rally around the video as a program we're going to make a serious mistake and make diplomatic mistakes moving forward if we think that's the only reason that people are showing up at our embassy and trying to conduct extra violence. they say too many coincidences. and 9/11, and point to the use
4:32 pm
of rockets and the military style coordination of the attacks. but in the view of ambassador ryan's approach as sparked as the video was hijacked by clusters of extremists, so, the fbi now still trying to sort it out, harris? >> steve centanni, thank you very much. as you heard steve saying, turmoil and the american protests in economies across the mud limb world. now, a dire new warning and stand off with iran and the nuclear program. as we told you at the top of the hour, the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says that iran may be only six months away to a full-fledged weapon. and john bolton, and also an advisor to governor mitt romney. ambassador, thank you for joining us tonight. >> glad to do it. >> harris: my tirs question has to do with where we are at this point. are we at a continuing point? is it a us against them all over the arab world? are we there. >> i don't particularly believe in tipping points.
4:33 pm
i think things come and go, but i don't think that anybody should misunderstand what motivated the riots and terrorist attacks against our ambassador to libya, is a religious ideology, that is making political extremes. and it's an easy logical jump from that religious extreme sichl to cases for america, which is a very different kind of society and this particular film was little more than a pre-text. it was something that in skillful hands can be used in propaganda purposes just like the famous spanish cartoons of muhammad back in 2006 where this, that and the other thing is at hand. it's a problem with the religious extremism in waves sweeping the region and something we have to deal with as a matter of american foreign policy. >> you put that film in a helpful context and saying it's a long line and can be an excuse for triggering something like that. i want to move on to a
4:34 pm
declaration and israel's prime minister says we're six months away from iran getting a nuclear weapon. just about every foreign policy expert we talk with these days, says you cannot let that happen. but if netanyahu was right, and what do we-- >> and everybody says you can't let it happen. the dwe is when you believe they're prepared to do anything about t netanyahu's comment when can iran get a nuclear weapon i think it's a shorter period than that. he didn't wake up and say they're six months away. that's true for a couple of years, based on the information we know. what we don't know won't make it longer that's for sure. what he's trying to do is underline this threat of a nuclear aroone is and our attention is diverted by the terrorist attackses ins middle east. iran's centrifuge is spinning day by day. they're not in a race to build
4:35 pm
one nuclear weapon. they're looking at a broad nuclear weapons, and the threats for years to come. >> harris: and we saw john mccain of arizona saying that the white house is disengaujed and it's that kind of policy that's gotten us to this point. is he right? are those critics right? >> i think that the president is very disingauged from a security point and not anywhere like a consideration the president shut give to protect american interests arounded world and the withdrawal and decline and withdrawal from iraq, projected withdrawal from afghanistan, and the limb-wristed response to the riots and terrorist attacks so far. you know, these are very, very troubling signals for america's friends and allies in the region and if they think that we're not going to stand up for our own interests against this kind of pressure, they'll draw their own conclusions and won't be happy
4:36 pm
for the united states. >> what about reengaging at this point. is it too late? >> i don't think it's too late. but, let's be clear. we're in a deep hole and this was not something that you could overturn very quickly. and the immediate concern has to be the safety, not just of the official americans although that, that's on the list, but all americans, private citizens and bees team and tourists and those that visit families and we should not forget about them. >> harris: before i let you go. back to libya, lost our ambassador there, and we're learning that libyan's president says was infiltrators and tried to al-qaeda and the white house saying no warning signs and not planned. what's the disconnect there. >> the investigation will have to uncould have the full facts. but it's very hard to believe that an assassination on
4:37 pm
september 11th of our ambassador of libya in a city that has long been a hot bed support for al-qaeda and radical islam, emerged spontaneously, and held grenades and machine guns and got a little out of hand. i don't find that credible. >> harris: ambassador john bolton, appreciate your time, thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> alisyn: let's talk about tunisia, they're out of the the region, acting on orders from the state department to leave immediately on xhesh planes and the concerns for their safety sparked the demonstrations across here. >> harris the word we're getting from the u.s. embassy officials are that many americans have left tunisia in in response to that department
4:38 pm
evacuation order, nonessential staffers and family and the he embassy today was calm with the military out in force. not so we were told today, during key moments on pry. when the islamist protesters angry about the film, smashed up the the place. more shocking at the american school, k-through 12, where 600 kids of governor parents, including one hundred american children. take a look at noon on friday, the play ground of the school had been filled with young kids, some of them american and then the administrators got word that a violent protest was hang across the street at the u.s. embassy and could come in this direction. they sent the kids home, that's a good thing that they did so, and they burnt down classrooms, and this is all that's left of one of the rooms the kids were in just a few hours before. we spoke with the head of the of the school today and he said he's more hopeful about
4:39 pm
their future and said that the they've been tunisia government officials and they know that at the failed to protect their interests on friday. and a lot of children are protected as well and they're safe, harris. >> harris: greg palkot, thank you very much. and well, they are he' calling it the ultimate inflation of privacy. and the royal family suing and suing, some pictures of prince william's wife kate. though, very public. we know from a french magazine, but now it's spreading. the royal family ready it fight back. and saying bohn voiage to astronauts sent home after four months in space. we're be tracking their progress live. this country was built by working people.
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4:43 pm
victory friday night. when a judge struck down the union workers law there. but now the attorney general keep that ng he's seeking new law on the books while the state appeals the judge's ruling and effectively as you know, ending collective bargaining rights for most public workers and trying to get the state to balance its budgets. vn noted says he believe it is. and governor scott walker plans to appeal the judge's ruling and no doubt the law will stay on the book. >> if you've got an activist judge like we've seen in the past, is it working out when it comes to the court of appeals ap the law will be uphold. and the budget deficits are struggling. and force being most republican employees to pay more for benefits and
4:44 pm
eliminating collective bargaining rights. vaefrts are looking for the cause of a deadly plane crash in missouri, the top story on a fox trip around america. >> missouri, that small circus srr 2 crashed in a field five miles from the springfield airplane, all five people on board dead. two children, some indications they were a family. witnesses noticed the flag flying erratically. a family friend says the group was flying home from the kansas city royals baseball game. n.t.s.b. investigating the crash. arizona, a robbery suspect, apparently didn't learn his lesson the first time. officers saying a man walked in a gren dale grocery store, and pulled the gun and ran off with crash. the saekd time at the same store. suspects didn't get far. the officers tasing him. he's in custody facing
4:45 pm
charges. (cheers) >> alabama, the latest addition to our navy, the u.s. innis, and first in mobile shall the ships are to carry high speeds through shallow worth. 1.6 billion dollars. georgia, 80 years old and having a birthday party in the sky. nancy long just she tonight feel a minute after 40. >> ab would you do it again? >> not soon. >> i've got to get to my chiropractor. >> youch. that's fox news across america. it's the end of summer and the mosquitos are biting, that means the west nile is a problem. as lee 118 people from this country died from west nile.
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>> time now for something that's truly out of this world. a look from the international space station. a russian soyuz capsule undocking, i love this, carrying three astronauts, two americans, one russian and headed back home to earth. after an amazing four month stay, 250 miles above earth. the soyuz will spent two and a half hours making its way to our atmosphere before landing in kazakhstan, may to go, you guys. this turns out to be the
4:50 pm
deadliest year to have the west nile fires of particular concern in texas and several other states for the mosquito born illnesses chamd at least 110 so far. liz bell prann, you've comfortable this for me and now an important crest egg. >> there's more than 2600 across the nation, but the c.d.c. says is going to gets worse than better. and they can anticipate more cases and more deaths. here is why. take a listen. >> as far as the weather and traffic on the 2's goes, eat out the langer the weather stays warm, more tran mission and it's certainly area in some parts of the country, the
4:51 pm
may not have peaked yet. every sit except hawaii and alas sker and 40% of the overnate case are to the south and record numbers, louisiana, south dakota, mississippi, oklahoma as well a number of others, just this week, louise louise officials reported an up tick in cases perhaps due to the stagnant water left over from hurricane ice sack and they're using aerial sites, tonight, tomorrow and tuesday and the officials that are opting out to keep gunshot pin the reason. and they're incubating during normally cold fronts, but people are is to stay inside during dawn and it dusk. i know you don't want to, but
4:52 pm
you have to use the smelly bug spray. if you have any standing window around your home, thank you very much. >> chra giant come back and the rest of your nfl action coming up and pete schrader is getting micced up. and plus, an announcement for one of our biggest shows on tv, american idol. unfail the new judges and we'll give you a hint who is one of them. he's singing this song. ♪ at usaa, we believe honor is not
4:53 pm
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bruising, bleeding, or paleness. [ phil ] get back to the things that matter most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biolog medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage thaall other networks combined. >> american idol officially announcing the judges for the upcoming season, they are, need a drum roll, you probably
4:56 pm
already know. country superstar keith urban and hip-hop artist knicksy minaj, completing the newly expanded four person panel alongside mariah carey and randy jackson, dawg. and urban has 14 grammy awards and minaj, the first artist to have seven singles on the hot 100 billboard chart. i did the know know. the show continues in january. and speaking of this, peter schrader is here and you would know about idol because you're hipper than hip. >> speaking of american idol, eli manning, how is that for a segway. >> maybe for interceptions, and 510 yards the giants were on the ropes all afternoon and came back and won this in the fourth quarter and manning only the second giants quarterback to throw for 500
4:57 pm
yards and the big story, cruz and knicks, and a big catch towards the end. giants survived here and would have gone 0-2 with a game on thursday up ahead and would have been mass hysteria in new york, but the the defending examines get the job done. down in fourth quarter play against the tampa bay buccaneers. last week we were talking about the jets and how great they did. not so much. i'm excited to hear the tabloids. we heard about mark sanchez and eva longoria dating and now sanchez lays a clunker, and there has to be a connection, i'm sure. and tebow did nothing and sanchez, and they looked awful. steelers got the job done. >> harris: i can't believe you're putting love down, you just got engaged. >> yeah, i know. >> harris: the new england patriots.
4:58 pm
>> they've never lost a home opener at gillette stadium, they did today. and the patriots are defending afc champion, they're at home and lose to the cardinals. and playing in the eastern time zone, they're from arizona. it's a wild one, but the patriots lose, big shocker, a lot of people in the survivor pools, i don't know if you're in one. lose in this one. >> harris: and speaking of surviving. nhl no hockey, will that survive. tough time for the hockey fans. and nhl lockout starts today and neither side seems to be budging, and the official website, fans, we're fighting for you guys here and i'm sure not too many are agreeing with that. >> harris: we took a look at that earlier and i was thinking you'd bring us an update. >> looking. >> harris: good to see you. thanks for the tweets, by the way. >> there you go. >> harris: fox fast forward and looking ahead this week,
4:59 pm
stories coming up, on monday both presidential candidates back on the campaign trail and governor mitt romney will be in california addressing the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce and president obama expect today make a pair of stops to the battle ground state of ohio and also, monday, attorneys for the british royal family will file officially a criminal complaint in france against the photographer who took those pictures of prince william's wife kate, sun bathing topless and lawyers now planning to sue the newspapers that have published the picture and isn't just the french, the italy and others are joining the list. and on tuesday, the space shuttle endeavour will finish one final mission when it's scheduled to arrive by plane in los angeles. and where it will eventually go on permanent display at the california science center, we love that. and that's how fax reports this sunday night, september 16th, 2012. and as we enter a new week, i'm harris falkner, thanks for watching. for more on the developing story of unrest in

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